Friends or Pastimes?

Making Friends Through Boredom In Quarantine

Acacia Kennedy and Andrew Madi

Among the panic and stress, students find themselves at home and unaware of what to do. Boredom has taken over. Many have run out of activities to keep them occupied. They fail to find friends to talk they reach out to others they otherwise wouldn’t bother. Perhaps talking to someone new could alleviate some deep set boredom? Though it may, it also creates friendships between people who may have previously never talked before. 

A Pinkerton Academy senior, Jackson Beauchesne, said, “[Online school] is great for those with access;it’s amazing we have the ability to learn during a pandemic, and it’s nice to be in touch with teachers.” 

His positive outlook on the program mirrors his expanding social life, though he stays at home in self quarantine. 

“I’ve reached out to a few new people since quarantine started, and only because I was bored. But it paid off! They’re great people. I never would reach out electronically to people before because I would see them every day at school anyway,” said Beauchesne.

Making friends is crucial to teenage lives, and what better time to make friends than senior year? I interviewed one of Pinkerton Academy’s psychology teachers, Mrs. Tina Tanguay, about students and their friendliness during quarantine. 

“I feel that our society is based on the social aspect of “No man is an Island. I feel like we receive a certain level of need to be social beings for positive reflection of self and to continue the process of socialization,” said Tanguay.

 In other words, students need socialization to be the best version of themselves. Quarantine has caused a speed bump in those needs, though students still try their best to maintain some form of socialization in these rough times. 

Another Pinkerton Academy senior, Maddy Sampson, explained her thoughts about students’ recently amplified friendliness.

 “ It might go back to normal, after a while people are going to get used to it… Or it could be a turning point, you never know!  You obviously can’t predict the future, though I hope it remains.” 

As quarantine continues, students become more and more restless, wondering when it will end. Many miss their friends, family, teachers, and significant others, but no one truly knows when they’ll see each other again. Until then, we all need to keep morale high, our chins up, and learn a new hobby! Once quarantine is over, we can all finally exhale and say proudly, “We made it!”