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Daily Isolation

May 30, 2020

Around the world, people are twiddling their thumbs and eagerly watching the calendar as the days go by. Many things to occupy my time with at home, yet boredom sets in fast during isolation. Daily lives in isolation vary with each person, and every person deals with it differently. Humans need to socialize to thrive and live a longer life, so when you take that away, we get restless and itch for a taste of socialization again. 

I find myself turning to junk food to try and de-stress while struggling to complete insane amounts of work distributed by teachers. 

Seen on the left, Hershey kiss wrappers cover my composition and English books while Google Classroom is open on the computer. One of my biggest coping mechanisms during quarantine is eating a lot of sweets, especially chocolate..my friends have turned to chocolate as well as other sweets of their preference. 

Munching on candy all day is definitely not a healthy lifestyle, so I try to get outside as much as possible. Being cooped up inside is detrimental to many people’s mental health, so what better way to spend the day than biking on a nearby trail? Staying on the computer for extended amounts of time tends to make me lethargic and sluggish, so I find myself exercising outside even on the bad days.

To the right, you can see my bike..I biked 14 miles on a dirt path in rainy weather because I needed to get away from electronics for a while. 

Due to quarantine and social distancing, public baseball games are postponed. This park (seen below) is usually packed with people on a day like this, but it was eerily quiet as I looked on from home plate. Unsure of when games will start back up again, the Hampstead park only has warning signs about social distancing, but nothing pertaining to future plans.

As more and more people run out of things to do, they turn to hiking or biking on local trails..but after a while of doing that, they stop and stay home instead. I’ve been going hiking on trails the majority of my time in quarantine, and I can say there has been a decrease of people venturing out into the woods. I believe people have had enough of the trails and are looking for new ways to spend all their free time. This is a picture (right) of a common trail in Danville, and I’ve noticed a decrease in physical activity on it.

The increase of people taking to the trails, however, has affected the trails significantly. Not only is there more wear-down from foot travel, but people turn to ATV’s and motorbikes, which can tear up the trails. The photo below is a picture of Derry/Hampstead conservation land, where motorized vehicles are strongly prohibited, but people have obviously ignored those rules.

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